Classic Cookie® began nearly 30 years ago in the kitchen of Joey and Sharon Mannon. From these humble beginnings, we've created an organization that will help you achieve outstanding results in your fundraising efforts.
We blend delicious products with first-class service. From mixing to delivery, Classic Cookie® focuses on every detail of your fundraiser with products and collections customized for your unique organization. 
Take a look at our current line of gourmet cookie dough for fundraising, and you'll discover unmatched quality, food products with 0 grams trans fat, and a wholesome goodness that truly is the best thing since homemade.


Planning tips for the most profitable product fundraiser

February 21, 2014

When you need to raise money fast -- whether for an elementary school, youth sports team, or non-profit -- use planning to tap the power of teamwork! A product fundraiser featuring delicious catalog choices like cookie dough, pretzels, or other favorites is hard to resist, especially when volunteers saturate the community with their diligence and enthusiasm.

But how can you maximize participation? If you can get twice as many families to participate in this year's fundraiser, then (all other things being equal), you'll gain double the profits.

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Organizing a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

November 16, 2013

Have you just inherited the role of running a successful cookie dough fundraiser?

Never fear -- cookie dough fundraising is easy and profitable!

Keep in mind a few tips, and with a little organization and collaboration with your group, you'll be able to run your group's most successful fundraising program yet! If you can follow these nine simple principles for an awesome product fundraiser, then an easy, profitable and fun event is assured!

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